It’s Spooky Season! 5 Halloween Decoration Ideas for a Fun and Festive Day

From pumpkins to skeletons, spooky season has a lot to offer. Click here for some Halloween decoration ideas that you won't want to miss.

Spooky season is here and it's time to get festive.

Whether you want to create an entire spider-filled graveyard or a small centerpiece for your dining room table, this list has it on hand.

Read on for five spooky Halloween decoration ideas.


Use What's on Hand

Take a trip to your backyard, find tree branches and spray paint them any spooky color you want. Create DIY bats or ghosts and pin them to the branches for extra flying fun!

Place them in a vase, or hang them around your home to create a haunted forest around your area.

Style With Pumpkins

Paint them, carve them, eat them. No matter what, they scream Halloween.

You can create a white pumpkin centerpiece by drilling holes in mini pumpkins and placing tealights inside of them. (Don't forget to remove the seeds!) Place acorns, pinecones, deer antlers, and other fall greenery around the pumpkins to fill the remaining space.

If you're not in a carving mood this year, painting pumpkins and placing them outside among a string of lights creates a similar effect.


Plan a Neighborhood Watch Party

With the monsters under your bed, of course.

Create monsters with contact paper, cut them out, and place them on your windows to give your neighbors a fright. If you don't want monsters on your windows, make some out of paper and hang them up on doors and walls, or position them in corners of your home.

Not only will they crawl out of corners at night, but they'll also say hello when you get up to brush your teeth every morning.

Use Candles

Stick them in pumpkins, or place them on vintage valances around your home. At night, turn off all the lights and keep the candles lit. It's the perfect way to create a creepy ambiance, or a cozy one.

Any candle works for this decoration, and it can smell good if you want it to! Unscented candles work just as well. Tealights and candlesticks, however, are the best. Especially if they're black.

Make a Graveyard in Your Front Yard

This one is the easiest to get spooky with.

All you need are artificial spider webs and tombstones to place around the yard. Ghosts hung with care and strategically placed lights are encouraged, but not required.

Whether you only want one tombstone or an entire forbidden forest, have fun, and make it your own.


Get Creative with Halloween Decoration Ideas This Year

Whether you want to go all out and purchase decorations from the store, or you just want to stick with the things around your home, these Halloween decoration ideas are sure to excite this spooky season.

No matter what, make sure you have fun decorating for Halloween this year. If you're curious about other spooky festivities or want to learn more about growing your fall harvest this year, check out our blog.
It’s Spooky Season! 5 Halloween Decoration Ideas for a Fun and Festive Day
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