5 Mistakes In Designing Your Front Yard Landscape

There are several front yard landscaping mistakes that can leave the front of your home looking neglected. A well-built front yard landscape adds beauty to your home. It can be a source of satisfaction and internal peace. The undeveloped front yard can also be frustrating when you don't get results as you expected; all this happened due to poor focus and not of proper planning.

Let's have a look at some of the more common front yard landscape mistakes that gardeners and house owners make and how these landscape design mistakes can be avoided.


Improper Planning

Many homeowners start planting before any proper planning. However, many things need to be taken into high consideration. Here are some of the following points you should do for making your front yard more attractive:

  • Take an inventory of your yard and checkout soil conditions, drainage, climate conditions, and existing vegetative production.
  • Make walls and fences at the front boundary so that plants would be safe as fencing gives a neat outline to your yard.
  • Make a functional entryway. Pay particular attention to make front yard entrance clear and inviting.
  • Choose the plants and flowers with pleasant colors that would give peaceful and breathtaking sight.

Overcrowded Plants

Plants need space for their proper growth to ensure the adequate amount of air circulation. If plants are planted too close to each other, growth can be inhibited.

Overcrowding forces plants to compete over water and nutrients in the soil, which can put the whole plant at risk. When planning front yard design, keep in mind how tall and wide each type of plant is expected to grow.

overcrowded plants

Not Watering Enough

If you want to make your garden beautiful, you should water plants and flowers regularly. Not watering enough is one of the biggest landscaping mistakes a homeowner can make. Professional landscapers suggest that homeowners should invest in a simple drip-irrigation system. These systems can be attached to a spigot with a timer, ensuring your landscape will always get the water it needs to flourish.

Not Consider for All Seasons

Don't limit your plant choices to only spring and early summer. Roses, irises, and peonies are lovely garden companions, but you can't rely solely on them.

Consider plants that look good year-round and make your front yard beautiful such as evergreen shrubs and trees with attractive bark and perennial grasses, which can turn into lovely straw-colored feathers in winter. Every garden looks gorgeous in the last week of May and the first week of June. But you also have to remember about the rest of the week.

Choosing the Wrong Plant

Before you have a lovely assortment of plants, make sure that they suit your garden beds or not. Check the requirements for sun, shade, nutrients, and water needed to keep your plants healthy.

If you're buying plants or trees, find out how large and in much time each plant grows. Most of us have made a few ill-advised impulses buys at one time or another, but if you practice informed purchasing, you should be able to keep your front yard landscape center regrets to a minimum.

Choosing Small Plants

Plants that are too tiny can make for a confound front yard. Place the plants strategically around walkways and other architectural features; it will maximize front yard appearance.

Keep in mind that even a few small annuals can bring plenty of drama to the yard when they're grown in attractive planning. Small shrubs make area congested, so avoid using a large number of bushes in the front yard.

small plants

Neglecting Hedge Trimming

Neglecting hedge trimming is not a good idea, as you need to take care of hedge so that it doesn't grow out of control. For a hedge to look its best and develop optimally, it must be kept weed-free to make your front yard more attractive and beautiful.

tree trimming

Arrangement of Shrubs and Trees

Symmetrically arranged shrubs, and trees can bring a sense of elegance to your landscaping. It's an approach commonly used in foundation plantings, but when those elements are living plants, employing symmetry can mean extra work for you in the form of maintenance.

Scalping Your Grass

The beginner may labor under the misconception that, as long as you mow so that your yard looks neat, you've done the job right.

 If only it were that simple. Experts will quickly set you straight in this matter, pointing out that lawn mowing is not just about keeping up appearances, it's about grass health, too.

Not Researching In the Plant

A dumb landscaping mistake commonly made is to select a plant without researching. After getting the mistake of not researching the plants, you have a few options. That are the following:

  • Live with the unfortunate situation
  • Trim the plant
  • Transplant it to another location

You would have been better off to have researched first and selected a
plant whose dimensions matched the located allotted to it so that it gives
a fantastic look to your front yard.

5 Mistakes In Designing Your Front Yard Landscape
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