5 Tips To Find The Best Lawn Mower For Small Yards

The lawn mowers are of great use to maintain a lawn of any size and volume depending on the characteristic features implanted in them. The lawn mowers come in multiple ranges of specifications where the buyers are required to be careful enough of.

It comes with its varied categories and types too that sometimes depend on the working pattern of the mower when at other times depends on the power sources and at some other point it is manufacturer’s desire of delivery.


Lawn Mower Types

Push Mower

This is a variant of lawn mower that is dependent on manual push backed by a motor.


Robotic Mower

As its name suggests it comes with its specific aspect of being a robot driven mower. Just turn the mower on it automatically keeps on mowing in the lawn as per the cutting requirement.


Riding Lawn Mover

This type of mower is specifically designed to serve the lawns that are larger in size. It is a mower of high power to deliver voluptuous grass cutting on rugged surfaces. It has a seat that is padded for the user to sit on it and keep working with comfort.

These are some of the basic classes and categories of mowers categorized based on the types but there are a lot other sub categories of mowers depending on their uses and applications which would certainly bring in a number of questions so as to decide on a particular pick based on the nature of requirement.


We can move on to look at a similar variant to discuss on the special ways and tips to pick the perfect lawn mower best suited to mow grass on small yards or lawns and anything related to self propelled lawn mower.

It becomes hard for the users to select the right lawn for the right purpose and to find one for the small sized lawn is one of the tasks that bring in a good deal of confusion.

Considerations To Find the Suitable Lawn Mower

Mower Type - Push mower

This variant is a suitable one to mow grass on the lawns of small size. This has the special attribute of mowing grass with a handle that is specifically drawn for the purpose of pushing the mower over the grass manually to cut the grass.

With this semi manual specific mower one can mow the grass at ease and can guide the mower to any corer of one’s choice and requirement.

 It is a perfect one to mow grass on the small sized lawns due to the size of the lawns itself. Therefore it is best suited to be used on the lawns of small size especially where the user can mow the grass by pushing the mower and wander the whole lawn without any fatigue.

The walk behind mower

It has its unique attributes to suit to the small lawns. As its name hints of walking behind, the users have to walk behind holding on to the handle.

Since the users are required to keep walking behind it is not suitable to be used in the large scale lawns but would prove to be great fun while mowing on a small yard that would add to a bit of work out being done while cutting the grass.

Power source

The power source can be another factor of concern while buying the right lawn mower for small yards. In this regard the cordless battery powered lawn mower qualifies to be the one most suitable. The battery powered design does not come with the hassle of fueling and it is a great relief to the users.

The other applicable reason of its suitability is its cordless design which makes it rule over the electric corded ones that does not require the cord to be plugged on.

This keeps the users away from the hassle of maintaining cords and its extendable length and gives the full freedom to the users to mow to the farthest corner of the lawn without worries.


The weight is another concern while buying mowers for small lawns. One requires to look for the mower that comes with the least possible pounds.

This is important because a light weight mower would prove to be a comfortable one for the users to mow with. If it is the push or the rotary mower it is highly necessary that the mower should be of light weight for easy handling in a lawn.

Cutting height

This too is an important factor while looking for the right mower for the small lawn. The cutting height is the one dedicated to the deciding of the height of the grass to be cut. It is necessary that the height settings are implanted nicely to make leveled cuts.


The budget forms another concern while going on to pick the right lawn mower suitable for the small lawns and yards. Its price requires to be justifiable to the features and specifications that are implied to the mower.

If the mower seems to be filled with most of the required features of power, convenience and comfort then a cost between $ 300 to $ 1000 is genuine. But if the mower comes with an average dose of minimal features then the cost too requires to be less than $ 400 and around.


Some of the basic tips have been discussed to help the buyers select the right lawn mower for small yards. It lays ultimately on the buyers some other factors of concerns depending on several personal and professional factors that can influence the purchase of a mower best suited for their purpose.

5 Tips To Find The Best Lawn Mower For Small Yards
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