6 Ideas for the Perfect Summer Yard

With good weather fast on the approach, it’s time to think about how you are going to make the most of it. What better way to spend time with friends and family, or to relax by yourself, than to have the perfect yard space?

Whether you want to imitate those party vibes or host an array of
natural features, having an area that has been perfectly designed just for you is essential for summer months. Once these six summer yard renovations have inspired you, consider KG Landscape for Minneapolis-area landscape design to help make those landscaping dreams come true.

Yard Bar

There’s no better feeling than having all your favorite people gathered at your home to get a little bit merry. Renovating your yard and having a slick looking bar built in is sure to impress your friends and family. Learn some interesting cocktail mixes and make sure you know how to pull the perfect
pint and you are all set with the perfect summer venue.

Yard Bar

BBQ Boss

Everyone loves a good BBQ. Sizzling meat, sun shining and good vibes flowing. Having a built in BBQ area in your yard is a hot summer trend that will never go out of fashion. Rustle up some unreal marinades, BBQ that meat like a boss and you’ll have your guests mouths watering in awe of the food and the yard design.

Wildlife Wonderland

Nature nurtures the soul and soothes the mind. There are so many advantages of immersing yourself in the natural world. So, why not bring it home? Having a rainbow of flowers or interesting and unusual plants and foliage around your yard will make it a haven for wildlife, and looks pretty impressive too.

Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

When you want to relax after a hard day at work, a hot tub is perfect. When you want to host the girls round for some bubbly in the bubbles, a hot tub is perfect. When you want a peaceful romantic night in as a couple, a hot tub is perfect. Whatever your mood and however you’re feeling, you will never regret having a hot tub or swim spa in your yard.

Hot Tubs

Outdoor Dining

There’s something that feels super special about dining al fresco. It gives you that exotic European vacation feeling without even leaving your home. Especially when the outdoor dining area is decked out with a pergola that’s draped with perfect evening mood lighting and decorated with vines and climbing plants. You could almost charge people to dine!

Water Features

Oh, the relaxing trickle of running water. Water features are an interesting addition to any yard. From small rock features to large ponds and flowing waterfalls, no matter how big your space, there’s a water feature out there for you. Imagine sitting outside sipping on your morning coffee with the sun and the sound of water. Peaceful bliss.

Get summer ready with your dream outdoor area. Create the perfect space for relaxing, eating, hosting, partying or however you like to spend your summer days.
6 Ideas for the Perfect Summer Yard
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