9 Features to Look for When Purchasing a House with a Garden

Congratulations! You’re in the market to buy your very first house. If you love nature and you want a home with a lush garden, there are various features that make up a beautiful landscape. A garden is a place where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. But how do you find a home with an idyllic garden you’ll love?

Take a look at these 9 tips to finding a home with the perfect garden. You may find handy tips you didn’t consider before.


What’s the Size of the Landscape?

The size of the garden will also determine how much time you’ll spend on maintaining the area. Large garden landscapes are particularly difficult to uphold because it will take hours trimming hedges and mowing the lawn. You could hire a garden service but this costs money.

Pick a house with a garden that only has elements you really want such as a garden bed or a shaded area where you can relax outside. If you want to add features to your garden namely a swimming pool or an entertainment area then the size will play a major role when buying your house. Talk to reputable realtors like scotthaveson.com who can assist you with your particular requirements.

Tips for Interesting Features to Add to Large Gardens

A bigger landscape means you can add extra features such as a pergola, patio or a garden cottage. Here are some features to add to a large garden:

  • Build a stone pathway
  • Create a Zen garden
  • Add an archway with a green garland
  • Build flowerbed borders
  • Add a large water feature

Is the Garden Area Private?

Privacy is important to most people. So, ensure that the garden is sectioned off from the neighbors with high rise walls, fences or partitions.

Optimized Storage Space for Garden Tools

Bigger yards need some form of storage unit to accommodate miscellaneous garden tools and accessories that aren’t being used. Select a garden with a small shed that’s easy to keep clean and suits all your storage requirements.

Can you Grow Your Own Plants and Produce?

Do you have a green thumb? Select a house with a garden that has flower beds and patches for you to grow your own plants and produce. The garden should still be neat, so perhaps opt for a house with a landscape that has raised flowerbeds. The raised beds will also stop people from walking through the produce patches.

Does the Garden Accommodate Pets and Children?

The garden should be big enough for pets and children to play in. You can’t have a large dog in a tiny yard. Make sure there’s ample space for your pets to move around. Children also love to run around and play so, if you have children, the yard should be big enough to allow them to do so.

Plants and Trees that cause a Mess

Certain plants and trees can cause a major mess in the yard. If you don’t want fallen fruit lying around your yard it’s advised not to buy a house that has fruit trees planted everywhere. You can remove them but it’s either going to cost you money or your time. You can start off without them by picking a garden with more grassy areas.

What Sustainability Does the Garden Have?

Even though gardens are beautiful additions to any home, there’s the drawback of them requiring maintenance and often a lot of water. And that’s a resource residents across the globe need to protect. So, be responsible and pursue sustainability in all aspects of your home.

For starters, your garden should have sustainable features such as a rain capture tank. These tanks collect rainwater that you can use to water your garden, which means you don’t use water from the grid.

Another sustainable feature in a garden is a rock pool or a pond. Water paired with sunlight and nutrients will create a beautiful ecosystem that will produce a lush green landscape.

If your garden doesn’t have sustainable features you can always add them onto your property’s landscape. Building a rock pool or installing a rain collection tank is effortless. All you need are the correct tools and the time to do it.

Will the Plants Require Much Effort?

Some plants can be extremely difficult to take care of. If you don’t have a green thumb these high maintenance plants can soon wither and make your landscape appear dreary. When you select a house with a garden, ensure that you know how to take care of the landscape properly.

There are ways you can learn to take care of high maintenance plants. Simply read gardening magazines, blogs and watch tutorials online. You never know: perhaps gardening could become a fun new hobby!

Are the Plants Environmentally Friendly?

It’s advised that you inspect the type of plants in the garden when purchasing a new home. In some regions planting shrubbery or flowers that require a lot of water can be illegal. This is because some places have water restrictions and water for gardening purposes will be limited.

If you live in a dry region, consider looking for a house that has minimal plants. In dry areas, people typically plant cacti or succulents that don’t need to be watered often. But if you want aesthetically pleasing flowers these are the plants that can withstand dry weather conditions: Verbena, Wall flower, Blanket flower, Lithops, Bougainvillea...

The advantage of these flowers is that they are all colorful. You can plant them in between your cacti and succulents to add some color to the space. Bougainvillea looks particularly stunning against white walls.

When buying a house with a garden, make sure you know how to maintain it. There are many articles online that will help you take care of your plants. Ensure the garden is exactly what you want to avoid frustration when maintaining it or building up the landscape. Enjoy living in your ideal home!


In this article, we have tried to look at 9 important things you should check out when purchasing a house with a garden. Experts also suggest looking for some other important areas like whether the garden comes equipped with pool grates. The best owners who have a certain type of style and follow the best lifestyle always invest in pool grates. This helps lend a much more upmarket feel to the establishment.

9 Features to Look for When Purchasing a House with a Garden
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