My passion is gardening. Along with my husband and children, each year we grow a garden large enough to provide our family of five with over half of our needed produce. Besides vegetables and a small berry patch, I also focus my attention on beautifying our home with strategically placed flowers, herbs, and flowering plants. Gardening is more than just a hobby; it is a way of life.

The purpose of my blog is to provide readers with general information about gardening as well as showing my learned tips and tricks. Over the years, I gradually expanded my knowledge and found cheap ways to nourish and sustain a garden without investing too much money. Our family runs on a tight budget most of the time, without room for extra tools. My hope is that new and experienced gardeners find some encouragement and knowledge that provides value for them.

I strongly encourage all of my readers to think outside of the box and grocery store. Years ago, people didn’t depend on supermarkets to provide their families with their nutritional needs. Instead, they worked with their entire family to grow all of the produce they needed. Nowadays, this goal can seem lofty, but reducing the amount of food purchased from the stores is an attainable goal. Over the years, our family has drastically reduced what we purchased.

Gardening seems like a daunting task to a newbie, so my goal is to provide them with the necessary information required to have a strong beginning. These methods don’t require hundreds of dollars. I prefer to depend on items I may already have on hand or use easy DIY tricks. Often, people believe gardening is out of reach because of assumed expenses. I am here to help them understand you don’t have to be rich to have a lush, productive, beautiful garden.

I cover a wide variety of topics on my blog. There are times when I discuss the best products based on reviews and my personal experiences. However, I try to spend time focusing on valuable how-to content. Most of my time is devoted to my vegetable garden that I start solely from seeds. My articles follow along with the process of how to start seeds, how to compost, ways to provide nutrients to your plants cheaply, and basic information on a wide variety of plants.

Feedback is valuable to me; I want to hear what is troubling you! Are you struggling to get your broccoli plants to sprout? Is your strawberry patch refusing to produce a harvest? Do you need advice about vegetables to grow for a farmer’s market? My goal is to help you make your garden just as much as a success as mine. Time, practice and knowledge are the keys to a bountiful harvest and a colorful flower bed.

For any questions or discussion, please let me know about it via email or via Contact Us. I value any and all feedback; please continue to leave us your thoughts!