Taking proper care of your garden and lawn requires a garden sprayer. They help to ensure your flowers, vegetables, and grass is beautiful. Buying one of the best garden sprayer options will prevent weeds and bugs from overtaking your hard work. You can use them to spray herbicides throughout late spring or end of the summer when weeds are typically a problem.

If you have time, read on down to see what you need to know about garden sprayers. However, here are our top picks!


I. What Type of Garden Sprayer Do You Need?

There is more than one type of garden sprayer on the market. They vary from one quart to four gallons, so you are sure to find something that works for your needs! There are a variety of options.


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Hand Sprayer

Do you need a simple option that can apply herbicide to a specific area? A sprayer that you use by hand is the least expensive choice, plus it is simple. You add whatever chemical you want to spray on the weeds to the jug attached to the sprayer. The nozzle allows you to adjust the amount that is sprayed over the area. The best thing about this type is you can make sure the spots that need it the most get the appropriate amount of herbicide.

Pump Sprayer

You may also find these noted as compression garden sprayers, and they are a common choice for gardeners. It has a tank where you place the chemicals, but you have to dilute it yourself. Then, the handle helps to create pressure, and you use a wand to spray it on the areas that require treatment. One of the reasons gardeners prefer to use this choice is it allows for precision when using herbicides. They aren’t ideal for large areas.

Backpack Sprayer

If you have to spray a large area, one of the best choices is a backpack sprayer. They work just like the pump sprayer. The main difference is you wear it on your back instead of carrying with your hand. The wand is longer and wraps around your back. You want to use this option if you have to spray a huge area, requiring a massive load of liquid. It allows for an easier process.

Pull Behind Sprayer

Are you spraying an entire area or more? A pull behind sprayer is an excellent choice. They typically attach to the back of your ATV, but they can be pulled by a lawnmower as well. If you are spraying crops, parks, or a large area, pull behind sprayers cover the entire area thoroughly.

Spot Sprayer

If you want something similar to the pull behind, a spot sprayer can be mounted to an assortment of applications. You can spray a broad area with a wand. They are different than a pull behind that relies on a boom to spray the chemicals.

II. What Other Features Are Important?

Besides the type of sprayer, you want to consider the other features of the sprayer.

Tank Capacity

You can purchase sprayer in a variety of container sizes, from one quart up to three gallons. Typically, handheld sprayers have a smaller size. Backpack sprayers are the largest. However, there are smaller backpack sprayers if you like that option. You should select the capacity that matches the size of the area you need to spray. A large garden requires greater capacity.


Garden sprayers are made from a variety of materials. The most common materials used are stainless steel, polyethylene steel, and galvanized steel. Plastic is lightweight and cheap, but it isn’t as durable. Steel is the most durable choice, but it is heavier.


Some sprayers have adjustable features that can make the process easier. Adjustable nozzles allow you to spray in hard to reach places or under plants and trees. It is an outstanding quality, and it makes life simple. Particular sticks are better for spraying their chemicals. You don’t want one that will bead-up the solution, not allowing it to run down the leaf onto the ground.

III. The Top 5 Best Garden Sprayer Choices

1. The Best Spot Sprayer

Chapin 20,000 1-Gallon Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer

Chapin 20000 1-gal Lawn and Garden Sprayer

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One of the best-sellers is by Chapin. It has a one-gallon tank that allows you to deliver a consistent spray across your entire space. The whole container is translucent, allowing you to clean and fill it with ease. You can use it with any conventional fertilizers or herbicides. Chapin included an anti-clog filter, which is a great feature for a clog-free spraying.

The hose is 28 inches long, with a great flow rate, and the wand is 12 inches long. When you properly pump the sprayer, it can reach 25 feet away. You can adjust the spray pattern by twisting the nozzle. Typically, the tank holds enough to spray for 15 to 20 minutes continuously. Chapin includes a funnel design to stop spills when you fill up. Also, for easy carrying, the handle is ergonomically designed.

2. The Best Backpack Garden Sprayer

Chapin 619000 4-Gallon Tree/Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer with Stainless Steel Wand

Chapin 61900 Tree / Turf Professional Backpack Sprayer

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If you need a larger, professional style, backpack garden sprayer, the Chapin 4-Gallon is an excellent choice. You fill the tank through the 4-inch wide opening, perfect for filling and cleaning. Cleaning is easy with the 619000. It comes with a three-stage filtration system that cleans and removes chemicals from the tank after each use. Also, the filter helps to prevent any clogs from happening.

The Chapin 619000 is comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time. It has a cushion grip on the nozzle, along with three different nozzles. The variety lets you apply the liquid in a multitude of ways. The harness decreases the physical stress of carrying the weight of the backpack. It is constructed of stainless steel, so it is durable. The wand delivers a steady stream of liquid as you pump pressure. Overall, the Chapin 619000 is an excellent choice for a durable, easy to use, well-designed garden sprayer.

3. The Best Pull-Behind Sprayer

Chapin 97600 15-Gallon 12V EZ Tow Dripless Sprayer

Chapin 97600 12-volt EZ Tow Dripless Fertilizer, Herbicide and Pesticide Sprayer, 15-Gallon

Via Amazon.com

For large areas, you need a pull behind sprayer. It has a 15-gallon, translucent tank. You fill the tank through the five-inch wide opening. It has a drain plug; you will find it is easy to fill and clean. For easy cleaning and usage, there is a high performing 12-volt diaphragm pump and a dual filtration system.

Chapin thought out the design for their EZ Tow Sprayer. It has a professional, dripless shutoff with lock on and off features. It comes with a 15 foot reinforced hose, and you achieve a 7-foot cover spray boom. You could easily cover an acre of land with this sprayer. Gardeners don’t have to worry about the strength of the sprayer. It is constructed with a durable, steel frame and pneumatic tires. There is an adjustable hitch so that you can attach it to a variety of options.

4. The Best Pump Sprayer

Rainmaker Pump Sprayer – 1 Gallon

Rainmaker Pump Sprayer, 1-Gallon

Via Amazon.com

Here is another solid choice for the best pump garden sprayer. It is a large sprayer, weighing 2.6 pounds with a large, funnel top opening. A large opening is great when you have to pour in the chemicals and mix them. It is made of polyethylene, a tough choice for garden sprayers. It is translucent so that you can see the level of liquid.

One of the nice features is you can carry it on your back or just by the grip handle. It has a trigger lock-on option, convenient of continuous spraying. The nozzle is adjustable and can turn down for a light spray with the 4-foot hose. There is also a chance for a conical pattern spray. Rainmaker makes one of the best garden sprayers because of its versatility and durability.

5. The Best Hand Sprayer

Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer – 1 Liter

Solo 418-2L 2-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer

Via Amazon.com

Our last choice for the best garden sprayer is a hand pressure sprayer. These are ideal for small gardens or specific areas that are not large. Solo One-Hand can endure the harsh chemicals and will last for years to come. It can spray continuously with a lock-on trigger. Your hand won’t get tired.

The nozzle has multiple angles, allowing you to spray virtually anywhere, like under plants. It can adjust to 90 degrees or switch to an ultra-fine mist. Solo included a unique drip guard, making sure that the chemicals you spray end up only exactly where you want them to be. There is also a pressure relief value to release built up pressure. If you have indoor plants or are on a budget for your garden, the Solo One-Hand is an excellent option to consider.

If you are in the market for a new garden sprayer, these are five of the best choices. A Solo One-Hand is perfect for a smaller garden or area. The Rainmaker 1-Gallon and Chapin 1-Gallon are ideal for larger garden beds or small yards. The Chapin Pro is ideal for large areas. It is a backpack style garden sprayer so that you can spray for a long time without fatigue. The Chapin EZ Tow is useful for those large, over one-acre areas that need a lot of chemicals or water sprayed. No matter your situation, one of these choices will be the best garden sprayer for you.

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