Chainsaw Wood Carving Tips & Tricks For Beginners

From the beginning of human history, man has had an interest in sculptures and they tried to create it through several mediums. Among the materials used,  wood was most preferred as at that time it was found in plenty. Over the centuries, woodcarving has become popular and evolved with time.

Craftsmen are using new techniques and tools and the processes involved are evolving with technology. An example of evolution in woodcarving is seen in the new techniques used to keep wood from decaying.

We will discuss a few tips and tricks for beginners in this article.


Chainsaw Woodcarving Tools and Materials

Very well known wood carving equipment is, chisel, gouge and carving knife. Besides these there are more tools that play a bigger role in the wood carving process.


A chainsaw is considered to be the best essential tool for wood carving. It helps to cut through large and thick woods easily. There are different kinds of chainsaw available. They also have various sizes and models. Base works of woodcarving are usually done by a chainsaw. Some are more affordable than others.

If you are serious about getting into wood carving, shop around​ to get yourself an affordable chainsaw now.

Here are three different types of chainsaws:

  • Battery chainsaw: This type of chainsaw uses a battery as its power source. It is a rechargeable battery to use again after it’s fully charged. It is the only downfall of this chainsaw type, cause you have to charge it by pausing your work. It might create very inconvenient situations. You might have to get some extra batteries and keep it charged to use in case the battery charge runs out in the middle of the project.
  • Gasoline chainsaw: use gasoline as the main source of power. It is usable in backward or even in the deep forest. However, it is not very useful in all situations.
  • Electronic chainsaw: this chainsaw is the more recent invention  of the three, and it has gained much attention for its power. These electric chainsaws are also much quieter than others.   However, its drawback is its mobility. It is a wired chainsaw so you can't just take it anywhere without an electric outlet.

Personal Protective Gear (PPE)

You should always be aware of your safety in wood carving. Don’t forget to wear your gears like- helmet, gloves, safety goggles, earplugs, chainsaw chaps, and proper footwear.

Timber / Wood

You need to be aware of wood quality whether it's hardwood or softwood. Both have their own uses, you just need to ensure you have the proper type of wood for your work.

Wood Coating

Wood can last a long period of time if it’s coated the right way. It depends on the wood finishing material which is applied to the sculpture. After you select your wood type you have to apply some specific sealants and oils to the carving.

Polishing with the right materials will make the wood more durable. Outdoor structures need additional protection from the weather and the elements.

Sketching and Pattern Tools

Sketching and pattern tools are perfect for beginners. Wood carving requires a certain level of precision. It is very easy to make mistakes even in the most well planned out project. If a mistake does occur then you will need to modify your plan and adjust. The worst thing that can happen is when you’ll have to get rid of the whole wood and start with new wood.

There is a simple way to avoid this outcome just by having plans and following the sketches. It also assists with marking the cut and carvings. But it is said that the better way to do this is with a chainsaw, just timber it with the chainsaw by the marks you created.

The Different Types of Wood For Carving

Once you have all the necessary equipment it's time to choose the type of wood you want to crave. There are different types of wood and each come up with their unique texture and features. Make sure you buy wood from wood suppliers and that you know all the properties about the wood you are using Below you can see some common wood features:


Although basswood is known as hardwood but it's comparatively soft to carve with a chainsaw. Beginners can use it easily and it’s a great choice. It’s one of the expensive woods so make sure you don’t waste it.


Walnut is more costly than basswood and it's also popular. It has its own rich color and looks great when finished with the right coating. This wood grows everywhere so you can find it easily.


Mahogany is quite famous in the Caribbean where it has farms and they grow it to export in other countries. It’s a reddish colored wood with a comparatively straight inconsistent texture.


Oak is one of the most popular woods. Its grain is beautiful, heavy, strong, and light-colored hardwood. Its quality makes it more ideal for furniture.


Cottonwood has 25 species all over the world. Its color is white which is very appealing for a unique look. Cottonwood is usually sold as a woodcarving piece. It is cheaper than basswood.


Butternut wood is handy for novice woodcarvers. It’s a very soft wood which heights about 100 ft and has a diameter of 3ft. In fact, the butternut is related to the walnut variety. But the texture is lighter and browner in the butternut wood.

Chainsaw Wood Carving Tips & Tricks

Here we discuss some tips and tricks for chainsaw carving.

  • Learn about safety: You just have to make sure you have your safety gear before starting. If you don’t maintain safety while working with power tools, then that may lead to major injury. You need to be patient and go slow and steady.
  • Ensure your saws are sharp: Always check your saws and make sure they are not dull. A sharp chainsaw makes work faster and easier. Also, it’s less dangerous because a dull chainsaw can cause your injury. You can sharpen a chainsaw on your own or you can take it to a local shop.
  • Prepare a variety of chainsaw: In the beginning you need a bigger saw to cut away large chunks of woods. As you get through your project you will need to detail it with a smaller saw and a grinder.
  • Pick a chainsaw you can be comfortable with: Having a chainsaw that is too big and heavy can not be easy to handle for you. You need to choose the right size for you so that you can focus on your carving.
  • Choose your proper workplace: Choose an open, safe, and clean space for your project. You need to work outside most of the time so use a canopy to keep the elements out. If you work outside you should choose an electric chainsaw because gasoline chainsaws are very loud and can irritate your neighbor.
  • Start Cutting: When starting out, you will undoubtedly face some problems. You need to prepare your strategy and draw lines where you want to cut. Though it will take you time to make the perfect carving.

Wood carving is one of the oldest crafts out there. It’s beautiful and it can be great as a profession or hobby. You can decorate your home and backyard with your own design ideas. You just need to work hard and try new things in order to perfect your work.

Remember you need to be careful with your chainsaw and always wear safety gear first to avoid serious injuries from woodworking. Always approach the project with steady hands and a calm mind.

Chainsaw Wood Carving Tips & Tricks For Beginners
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