Your Comprehensive Guide on Tree Trimming for Novice Gardeners

Every gardener knows that regular trimming and tree pruning services are imperative to prolong the life of the trees. It not only keeps the landscape beautiful but also assists in promoting tree growth and length. Remember this: Improperly pruned or neglected trees can result in rotten trees. This might reduce property value. It may even enhance the potential hazards and liability, ultimately resulting in increased maintenance costs. This guide on tree trimming makes it highly essential for you to carry out tree pruning and trimming effectively.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have provided valuable insights into the main reason to carry out tree trimming and pruning. When should it be done? And how to do it? We promise after reading this content piece; you will be able to understand tree trimming in the most comprehensive manner and take a judgmental call as to whether your tree requires trimming or not.

Let’s start with the reasons that make it essential to hire tree cutting services.


Enhanced Structural Strength and Reduced Maintenance Costs

With the help of timely pruning and trimming of trees, you can keep it in excellent shape. It even aids in getting rid of defects like co-dominant stems and weak branch attachments. If you carry out timely pruning and trimming of trees, you can protect it from structural weaknesses that assist in evading substantial maintenance costs.

Enhanced Tree Longevity

If your tree is well-maintained, it remains intact for a longer duration. This way, there are fewer chances of any damage to your property. Also, taking good care of the trees through pruning and trimming regularly can make them grow at their best.

Provide Safety

Although trees add natural beauty and enhance your property, they can be equally dangerous if decayed limbs and branches are not treated on time. This can be quite vital, especially during a storm or heavy winds. During such times, the branches or limbs of the tree might fall due to the slightest of strong winds.


Enhances the Appeal of Your Property

Landscaping is known to be an excellent method for enhancing property value. The mature trees are quite known to enhance the value of your home by 20%. Well-maintained trees can even add visual interest to the landscape and take your home design to the next level.

When is the Right Time to Trim Trees?

The timing of tree trimming is mostly contingent on the reason for which you want to prune and trim the trees. Light pruning and trimming of trees are done to get rid of dead branches or wood anytime. But, take note of these reminders before you commence:

  • Trim only during the dormant season, i.e., during the winter season. It is advised to wait till the coldest part of the winter has passed. This way, there will be a sudden burst of growth in the Spring season. Also, there is a lower risk of trees getting pest infestation and diseases during their cuts.
  • Never prune and trim trees when it is a wet rainy day. Or when there is a lot of humidity outside.
  • Get rid of deadwood during summers during which the leafless branches can easily be seen.
  • Trim branches that are very weak with narrow angles. And not the ones that have strong, U-shaped angles branches. Also, trim branches while they are still young as they can easily be managed at that stage and are less likely to leave a scar.
  • Never leave stubs as they die back and enable decay to get inside the tree trunk or branch. This shortens the lifespan of the tree leading to potential hazards.

Now, that you know of the things that you need to take care of before tree trimming and pruning, in the next section, we will divert our attention on the essential tree trimming techniques.

While there are a wide array of tree trimming techniques available online, these are some of the basics that will get you going. Remember, pruning and trimming trees, irrespective of whether large or small is both intricate and dangerous; therefore, we advise you to leave the task to an experienced arborist. Let’s dive into the tree trimming techniques.


5-Step Process to Trim Branches

If you are a novice gardener and have never trimmed branches before, it is advised to start with small by following the tips given below.

Shave Off any Suckers That are Growing at the Base of the Trunk

Suckers are nothing but weedy looking branches that grow at the base of the trunk. The problem is, they steal energy from the tree. Hence, it is incredibly critical for you to prune the suckers as soon as they grow.

Get Rid of all the Dead or Dying Branches

Getting rid of all the dead or dying branches assist in making the tree trimming and pruning task effortless. When the dead branches are gone, it becomes easier to work around branches. This way, it is possible to spot the branches that require trimming.


Prune Out Branches That are Hazardous or Unwanted

If you see low hanging branches that are a real safety threat to your house, it is time to trim them. This way, you can get rid of the obstruction caused by pruning the small branches that can easily fall on your car or even house.

Get Rid of Weak and Damaged Branches

If any damaged branches may have broken or weakened in the storm, chances are, they are an open invitation to diseases and pests. These damaged branches can also become places where the water gets collected, resulting in rotten trees. Due to the high risk involved, it is advisable to take the services of your local arborist to handle them with care.


Shake Off Overlapping Branches

If you have overlapping branches that rub against each other, they can pose a danger to each other. In such cases, it is advisable to either trim them both if there are signs of damage or get rid of the damaged one among the two.

If you need any help while conducting tree trimming, contact a professional company dealing in tree removal Sydney.
Your Comprehensive Guide on Tree Trimming for Novice Gardeners
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