Incredible Health Benefit Of Broccoli For Kids

Even if your children hate vegetables, force them to eat broccoli often. Why is broccoli so essential for 3-year-old kids? The detailed answer is in this article.

Coming from the cabbage family, broccoli is a tasty green vegetable packed with plenty of nutrients. You can come across dishes made of broccoli in any healthy diet that doctors highly recommend. But do you know that broccoli is also beneficial for your 3-year-old children?

This article will show you the reasons why your children should have broccoli in their daily meal. On top of that, I will suggest some delicious broccoli dishes to prepare. Let your kids enjoy broccoli from now on.

Before coming to the main parts, there is some basic knowledge for you to learn. Scroll down for more!

Types Of Broccoli

Similar to other vegetables, broccoli comes in many varieties that have different tastes as well as gardening requirements. In this article, I will introduce to you the five most common kinds of broccoli below.

Broccoli Calabrese

This is the traditional broccoli that you are probably familiar with. Broccoli Calabrese originated in Italy, and Calabrese itself refers to a region in Southern Italy. This kind of broccoli has bushy florets and thick stems, both of which are edible. Broccoli Calabrese is dark green with an average weight of 500 grams.

Broccoli Calabrese

Chinese Broccoli

Also known as Gai Lan, this broccoli is a mix between the traditional broccoli and kale. It is light green in tone with thin stems. Chinese broccoli is mainly used in the cuisine of China, especially Cantonese. Typically, it tastes less bitter compared to the conventional type.

Sprouting Broccoli

This variety bears a strong resemblance to the traditional broccoli, except for the white or purple heads. Sprouting broccoli is usually served as a side dish by itself or mixed with others. It is a brilliant option for growing thanks to its ability to withstand different weather conditions.

Sprouting Broccoli

Broccoli Rabe

This type of broccoli comes in crisp florets and leafy greens, but people tend to use only the greens for cooking. Rabe tastes bitter, but only slightly.

Why You Should Sneak Broccoli Into Your Child’s Diet

I think many people get caught in the same situation as mine. Before I brought up my children, I had already known about the incredible health benefits of broccoli. However, I still hesitated to feed my children this green vegetable. As you know, the digestive system of kids is weaker than that of adults.

One day, I came across an article by Linda Claire, a herb specialist, on, which provided useful information about how broccoli positively affected children’s physical health. Thanks to the post, I tried various methods to sneak broccoli into the daily meals of my children. The results are as expected; they all grow up strong and healthy.

According to Linda Claire, different types of broccoli have an all-rounded influence on the health conditions of 3-year-old kids.

Broccoli contains a variety of vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, etc. The abundant amount of vitamin C will help strengthen the and protect your kids from ailments. Meanwhile, vitamin A plays a significant role in improving the of young children. Their eyesight will get even sharper with the presence of phosphorus in broccoli.
Broccoli Vitamins
immunity systemeyesight development

Another benefit mentioned by Linda Claire includes constipation reduction. Similar to any vegetables, there is a decent content of fiber in broccoli. The fiber serves as strong support by simulating the digestive system and keeping it healthy.

Broccoli is low in calories; therefore, overweight or obese 3-year-old children will greatly benefit from this brilliant vegetable. To be more specific, every 146 gram of broccoli contains only 50 calories. Children can feel full after meals without gaining weight by eating a lot of broccoli.

Last but not least, Linda Claire revealed that broccoli acts as a defense against diarrhea, a dangerous illness to small children. Eating broccoli soup during diarrhea helps your child restore the necessary amount of water and nutrition for the body to function properly.

Broccoli Calories

Tips To Select And Prepare Broccoli For Kids

Broccoli offers plenty of health benefits, but you cannot fully capitalize on these merits if you have no idea about the selection, storage and preparation process. Do not worry, we got your back!

  • Go for the firm broccoli with dark green color.
  • Before cooking, always wash the broccoli carefully under running water to remove any unwanted dirt. Soak the broccoli in salt water for 15 minutes to avoid pesticides.
  • It is advised that you only use the head of broccoli for 3-year-old children as this part is softer compared to the stems.
  • check
    Overcooking can reduce the nutritional quality of broccoli. You should only boil or steam the vegetable to retain nutrition.
  • check
    Store broccoli in an open bag in the vegetable section of the fridge. The maximum period of storage is four days.

According to the article of Linda Claire, broccoli can combine with plenty of foods for a yummy dish. Therefore, you should vary the broccoli recipe to whet the appetite of your children. Do not make them scared of eating this incredible vegetable.

Some delicious recipe with broccoli includes broccoli cream soup, broccoli rice, broccoli and cheese nuggets, etc.

Wrapping It Up

I hope this article solved your concerns about the benefits of broccoli for 3-year-old children. Broccoli is incredible in many ways so you should let your child eat different broccoli recipes often.

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Incredible Health Benefit Of Broccoli For Kids
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