How to Choose the Best Wheelbarrow for Your Garden

The post will discuss about how to choose the best wheelbarrow for your garden but before I get into the details, I'll take a moment to describe what a wheelbarrow is and why they're a great accessory for your garden.

If you are a gardener then you better acknowledge that how much you need to carry various materials to upgrade your garden. Such as transporting garden soil, stones or gravel. While it's about moving trees, large shrubs, hauling bricks, garden waste or any concrete-fertilizer mixture, the wheelbarrow is an ultimate solution.

A wheelbarrow is a very significant tool that you should have in your tool collections. There are many options when you go to choose a single wheelbarrow in the store. But choosing the best wheelbarrow for gardening is a little tricky.

Here are some head sharp that will help you to make a reasonable choice with your upcoming purchase.


Consider Your Needs

The first and foremost thing you need to do is identifying your necessities. Determine why and for what type of task you need the wheelbarrow.

If you need to shift heavy-loads then you should arrange a wheelbarrow with a high load capacity goal. It will not break or damage your wheelbarrow due to heavyweight.

However, if you need transferring lightweight materials then you might not want to spend more money on metallic wheelbarrows. If you are searching for a wheelbarrow for a simple task then choosing a plastic wheelbarrow will be elegant. Moreover, it will keep your gardens' environment silent during loading and unloading.

In this way, if you identify your exact needs then it gonna help you choose the perfect wheelbarrow for your garden.

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Materials and Quality

From many varieties of wheelbarrow available in-store, choose a wheelbarrow that suits your gardening needs. Generally, you will find three types of materials' wheelbarrow available in the warehouse. They are Steel, plastic or wooden wheelbarrow. In most cases, the bucket of wheelbarrow comes with steel or plastic body.

Steel wheelbarrow buckets can lift more weight and have a reliable quality of construction. The trouble faces in bad weather when the steel rust and becomes hard to deal with. So you have to give extra time to a steel wheelbarrow for taking good care.

If your garden is large and you need to transport weighty and massive materials, such as rocks, bricks or large plants and big amount of soil then choose steel wheelbarrow. It'll prevent incidences of parts of the wheelbarrow falling apart during use. Having a reliable quality, it will provide you great support for frequent heavy task.

A plastic wheelbarrow is suitable for light work such as shifting compost, garden debris, and smaller plants. The positive part is, it will not rush and also better for mixing concrete or fertilizers and as this type of touch can damage the steel. Remember that, overload and heavyweight can be a result of a cracked bucket. Sometimes the extreme temperature can lead to improper handling.

In this instance, ensuring the quality of a plastic wheelbarrow is essential. Check if the body is weak and inadequate or joints are not secured.

 A plastic wheelbarrow is usually less expensive but you will find a high rate tag in a steel wheelbarrow.

Capacity and Weight Limit

Self-analyze that how much load you need to move and then decide the suitable capacity and weight limit of the wheelbarrow for your gardening. If you intend to lift a heavy load, you need to choose the higher load capacity. However, if you need moving light items then the lower capacity of wheelbarrow will be enough for you.

A wheelbarrow usually comes with 2 sq foot to 6 sq foot capacity. They can carry 300-500 lbs but often available as holding 60-120 L. Remember that, no matter how much capacity is labeled to carry with the product, it also depends on your strength.

Select your handle type

A wheelbarrow that is hard to operate is not anyone's dream. So, you should ensure that the wheelbarrow you purchase comes with the right length, easy to hold and flexible options. It can make a difference in how comfortable it is to transport material. Since you will be pushing and pulling the wheelbarrow with lots of stuff, it is important to use maneuver and the easiest tilting, flipping, and dumping device. 

In most cases, steel handles are stronger than the other plastic handles. Some models even provide ergonomic loop grips on the end of the steel handles that prevent slippage. Higher capacity and quality models often arrange this type of handles.

Number of Wheels

A valuable question is one or two-wheel? You can choose a single wheel or dual wheel model.

You will find one wheel attached in the front and center and convenient to dump. Though it required a huge strength to move but lends a hand to unload stuff. Despite you may find it harder to control with heavyweight and instability.

On the other hand, a wheelbarrow with two wheels up front will give you more stability to bear your staffs' weight. It distributes the weight among two wheels and well balanced. Although it can give you a tough situation while moving in tight spaces, as it needs additional space to move around.

Types of Terrain

It's a smart move to buy a wheelbarrow according to the type of terrain. In hill way or rocky terrain, a wheelbarrow with a non-pneumatic wheel is better, whereas pneumatic wheels absorb most of the shock. So, if you intend to shift fragile items in rough terrain then it is safer. Yet you can stay in carefree with non-pneumatic wheels as it is made of solid rubber and it will keep you away from punctures. Gardening Army can help you to choose the right wheelbarrow for your all kinds of garden need.

As you observe, all the wheelbarrows may look quite similar but some differences can affect your daily gardening life hugely. While shopping, survey what kind of task you want to accomplish with it and consider your needs. Now you know how to choose best wheelbarrow for your garden. Purchase the one that meets your demand and start a happy gardening.

How to Choose the Best Wheelbarrow for Your Garden
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