How to Make a Wood Fence to Protect Your Garden

Are you getting ready to keep your garden away from trespassers? Humans are naturally proud of what they tend. To keep your garden safe, you need ideas on how you can make this a reality by erecting a wooden fence. Pick a design, the right tools, and start building the wooden fence.


Essential Tools for Making the Wood Fence

When building, it is helpful the tools you need and the unnecessary ones that you may come across when building your fence. Learning is a continuous process starting from ideas, design, and material gathering and setting up to work.

Depending on the location of installation, you may not need some of this equipment.


Measuring tools

A measuring foot helps give a reliable reading. You will be glad to know that the measurements you took for the pole distance are accurate and that they are on the same level being on the wrong footing in terms of measurements is not fun.

Fastening tools

Fastening the rails to poles, you will need drilling too (a cordless one will suffice due to portability). The drill should have an LED lighting system that could help you when working at night.

A nail gun is another fastening tool that may be faster than a drill. The recommended nail size for a wooden fence should be between 1-1/2-inches to 3-1/2-inches framing nails. The nail size supports heavy-duty nails for fencing.

To fasten the nails, you need an air compressor. The farm layout determines the design you can use because some designs work better than others do. Factors in your farm's terrain and choose a compressor that you can from end-to-end. When going to shop for a compressor, look for one with extra packages such as nails or staplers.

The best choice of tools in difficult terrain or working on a big garden requires portable ones.

The hole digger

Whether your choice was the use of an auger, there is a chance that you will need to clean up holes. If your work area is bigger, you will need an auger.

Power auger

If you have at least 10 posts, use an auger managed by two people. You can opt for the electric versions if you can use the extension cord can reach the working area. An electric auger is a good option if you can use it for it incurs low maintenance costs and does not possibly foul exhaust fumes.

For the best mobility, use the mobile auger to reach all corners of the compound that require fencing. You may need some help when using a mobile auger.


At some point, you may have to do some cutting or trimming when finalizing the fence. You may need an extra wooden pole at the corners to make your fence sturdy and block possible intrusion holes.

An auger tow

Large wood fencing projects require a groundhog that you can use to haul, dirt from holes as you progress to the next pole position. If you have a vehicle nearby pull augur tow using the standard hitch.

Take out the fencing plan

Using wood stakes to map out your fencing layout helps make a boundary layout as well. It is one way of confirming your clearance and exit paths. Use strings as well to run between the stakes to give you the exact line to follow and maintain consistency.

Touching up

Us the regular hammer to ensure that all nails sticking out of the poles is in the right place. You can also use the hammer to remove and replace the nails that did hit the straight line.

How to Maintain a Wooden Garden Fence

A wooden fence is a delicate structure that however strong it is set up. You will need to have a good maintenance structure. The better care you give to your fence, the longer it will serve to preserve your garden's privacy.

Organize a panel maintenance routine to make sure the wooden panels do not lose their original face. Any damage to the panels should be repaired. Glue the broken splits as you look for possible replacements.

Use a power washer to wash-off the sticking dirt to reveal the original color of wood or paint that you used. Protect your wooden fence by using wood preservatives that keep the environmental elements away. Use of water repellants preservatives gives the wood a longer life and free from insects that heed on timber.

Some preservatives have UV filters that do not allow the timber to absorb the light that might initiate the bleaching process. The preservatives are available in clear colors or as used engine oil.


Your choice of fencing material should be the dark and strong heartwood that has a dense color and are durable.

Before propping up, the wooden poles soak them in wood preservatives for at least 24-hours.

Protect the base of your wooden fences using gravel that should make it impossible for ants and other insects from nesting around the pole.

Use a high-quality coat to re-coat the entire wooden structure occasionally to maintain its pristine nature.

Final Word

If you are still stuck on that serious gardening project you were into, let it not give you nightmares. As a DIYers, you should assemble tools that will enable you to build your fence. You could even be the only neighbor with fence building tools, and you may start leasing or hiring the fence building materials. Everything from the wood type and preservatives should be of high quality and guaranteed to last for a long time.

When everything is set, and you plant to install a wood fence for your garden, make the fence stand out by using the most reliable tools and equipment. However, before going for the materials, have a fencing plan by marking where the outline will pass through. Building a wood fence may sound like a one man's job. However, in reality, you may need some hand when handling huge fencing projects. Even DIYers do not work alone.

How to Make a Wood Fence to Protect Your Garden
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