How To Use A Pole Saw (Step-by-step Guide)

Nowadays, handsaws are one of the essential tools you need to have to do the job effectively and efficiently.

Various types of pole saws are designed to facilitate work and provide more excellent protection to the user.

You have to know some common aspects to use and pick a gas pole saw. Therefore, in this guide, we are going to discuss how to use a pole saw.

Using pole saw is very easy when you pick a gas pole saw based on your requirements. In our guide, we have written the tips which help every pole saw user, whatever the guy is a beginner or expert. So, let’s go deeper.


Apparent The Work Space

First of all, you need to clear the ultimate work area that you are willing to work. It will help you to eliminate the risk of causing more significant problems like hurting peoples or damaging a particular thing.

Additionally, it would be best if you were confident as you have to become capable of moving quickly and openly while you work. You have to be sure that there aren't any significant risks around.

If you are doing it in a community space, you can also look at cording off the spot to continue to work while maintaining the safety procedure.

Decide Where to Cut

Figure out where you need to cut a fore you set your pole attached to the timber. It's a significant thing to do.

You don't want to begin cutting anything or any part of a tree without believing through the procedure.

Take your time and think again, inspect the entire shrub, also consider all the things once again. You can then decide to follow this next step When you have decided on how much you need to cut.


Cut the Low Branches Initially

You have to learn the way you are likely to access If intending your reductions.

It means rubbing of those decreased limbs. Taking away the lower limbs onto the shrub will ensure you get a decent way to produce cuts you need to take out.

Therefore, decide on a strategy to cut any part of the tree or the branches. Then, you can move upward to the large pieces of timber.

Position Yourself Properly

The appropriate position to stand with a saw is to stand to both parts of the dal, not straight. It can eliminate the opportunity of any kind of blow while timber falls from the tree.

You have to be certain that you can contain your pole's end chest degree too. It would be best if you held the cordless pole saw in an angle when you intend to cut.

Thus, you have to maintain the pole to ensure it's in the right shape to cut. Remember, it is essential!

Synthesize the Pole Saw Size

When you are right into the spot, it is the perfect moment to change your pole before you start cutting towards the suitable height.

You can consult your owner or the brand of the saw to help you out in adjusting the size of the pole saw.

After that, extend the saw out while you are holding on the pole at a point. As a result, the flake of the saw will reach the division.

Locate the Saw Blade

By utilizing your hands, stretch your saw into the branch that you want to cut on back. Halt there for some time and make sure that you have the full monitoring over it.

When you feel comfy and in command, proceed with the saw blade while it's resting on this branch's trunk. But don't begin cutting immediately. It can cause some problems if you do so.

Begin to Cut

First of all, you need to control your initial rubbing blows. You can't start doing it so fast. Instead, you have to do it very slowly.

Rubbing a dal in full speed off the saw can cause the cutting blade to slip around. It can cause serious injuries.

It's an excellent notion to develop a recess in the timber. Slicing limbs are quite different. They are as soft that you can cut them so easily or rip them off with your hand.

To make a recess at a branch, you need to cut slowly initially. Pairing on the throttle or shoving it in can make the groove at the timber.

This recess can also help direct you to get quicker strokes. It will help you to do the job faster.


Completing the Cut

Once you make a groove with your pole saw, you can raise your cutting speed. When you are cutting the branch deeper, always remember to monitor the dal of the tree. It will help you not to cause an accident.

It can fall in uncertain paths, even if you are staying safe for that. Be confident that if any kind of accident happens, you can restrain any wound.

Tidy Up the Work Spot

After finishing the cut, you will see some branch fallen into the ground. You need to pick them up and keep them in a safe place.

One more thing, when you are working on the branch, always remember to keep the fallen branch aside before making any cut.

Get Ready for The Followings

Once you've cut the branch, you have to have in place for your subsequent cutoff.

Don't forget to cut the lower dals first, then go ahead. Exactly like the previous procedure, you have to be certain that you're positioning in the opposite side of the branch you are supposed to cut.

In this way, you can use the pole saw safely and very efficiently. But, always be aware and active while working with a pole saw to prevent any injury.


Pole saws are very widely used nowadays. But you need to know the right way of using this tool to get the best out of it.

Remember, pole saw is useful if you use them with maintaining your safety. So, keep them in mind before you pick a pole saw.

So, that's all on how to use a pole saw. You can comment below your opinion about this guide and also, do share it on your social platforms!

How To Use A Pole Saw (Step-by-step Guide)
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