14 Ways To Use Maiden Grass In Your Garden

Whether you use maiden grass as focal points, screens or accents, let them form part of your garden. It is also good for use in any sprawling small yards and estates. Grasses come in many different varieties that provide an easy way of adding contrast and color to a monochrome.

In this post, we will cover 10 interesting ways to make the best use of maiden grass in your garden. Continue reading to learn more.


Unlike resource hungry and labor-intensive lawn grass, maiden grass is somewhat carefree. With many types of maiden grasses, you will certainly find one or two that perfectly suit your garden or yard care habits.

You will want to choose a type of maiden grass that is native to your location. Such grass will do well in your soil and climate condition with little amount of care.

1. Privacy

Tall grasses that have formed in large groupings could be the right solution for screening a horrid view. In order to ensure the best effect, you will want to use tall species. However, make sure that you cut back on maiden grass in the early spring, this will give you enough time while the grasses are growing and there will be no need to screen.


2. Make Colorful Containers

With various sizes, colors and shapes, maiden grasses are perfect for those who want to make container gardens. Many people often think that grass is not a good choice if you have a balcony space or deck. However, many ornamental grasses such as maiden grass do very well when planted in containers.

Each individual specimen should be planted in large containers for eye-catching focal points. This planting not only provides privacy screening but also makes a great conversation piece in any seating area.


3. Block High Winds

Tall and fast growing maiden grass make great choices for blocking high winds as well as noises in urban settings. You can create excellent windbreak by planting these tall ornamental grasses along the perimeter of your deck. Their presence will certainly make any setting inviting and more comfortable.

In the event that you are choosing other ornamental grasses, you will want to check how invasive of aggressive they are too.

4. Make Excellent Borders

Ornamental grasses add an excellent texture to your garden. Soft and mounting grasses look excellent with plants that have a thicker texture. Upright grasses make excellent counterparts to plants that are more mounted.

You can maximize the effect of creating excellent borders by planting different grasses in the same garden. Here, you can choose a few varieties of miscanthus that look great with hydrangea and lavender.


Source: deavita.com

5. Soften Hardscaping

Whether it’s paving, wall or other hardscapes, maiden grass can soften their look and protect them from feeling uninviting and cold. A mass of maiden grass could help to soften to concrete edges of your swimming pool.

Miscanthus grasses are a great choice for planting near a swimming pool. Since this type of grass doesn’t bloom, you won’t have to deal with bees. Please anything related to cordless lawnmower.

6. Dress Up Patios And Decks

Aside from using ornamental grasses on borders and beds, you can also plant them in containers to add drama to patios and decks. In this case, you will want to use fountain grass as it adds an elegant texture to any rooftop garden.


Source: shweibos.com

7. Give Your Rambling Outbuildings An Artistic Look

Planting ornamental grass is an excellent way of dressing up outbuildings or older barns of your house. Maiden grass is hardy and when complemented with colorful plants such as Purple Fountain Grass, they give your property a colorful and hardy look. You may also look for other good choices to complement the plants you have in your garden.

8. Create An Attractive Contrast With Other Ornamental Grasses

You can soften and add interest to a visually boring area with ornamental grasses that produce fluffy fronds, complemented with maiden grass. This will help to soften the hard edges and lessen an industry kind of appearance.

9. Make Your Backyard An Interesting Natural Meadow

You can plant low growing grasses which can be trimmed using cheap push lawn mower and plant maiden grass on the borders. These types of grasses make great, low maintenance plants that make your yard interesting and provide the right habitat for native fauna.

10. Make End Of Season Interesting

One thing about grasses is that they shine at the end of the season when many perennials and annuals look is worn out. Most grasses usually offer twice the interest. They have great fall color and beautiful seed heads. Because of this they are awesome for end of the season color.

11. Garden Art

You can use maiden grass to add just the perfect complement to a sculpture. Feather grass complemented with maiden grass creates an interesting foil to broken pottery sculpture. The result is a contemporary design that will look amazing all year round. Be dramatic! You can make your garden look whichever way you want it to. Play with different art and plant combinations and keep trying new things until you find the right combination that suits you.


12. Attract Wildlife

Grasses can be great when it comes to attracting wildlife, particularly birds which use leaf blades to build nests and find shelter in large grasses. Some species eat grass seeds. Maiden grass also attracts birds, but you will want to choose grasses that are native to your location.

13. Decorate Your Vegetable Garden

Don’t plant ornament grasses to your garden only. You may also want to tuck them in your vegetable garden. For example, maiden grass can be used to contrast with rich purpose of eggplants.

There are also other options that you can use in your vegetable garden such as feather reed-grass. You should however avoid ribbon grass that could become weedy when they spread too much.

14. Create Formal Flair

Maiden grass has an upright form that enhances the formal theme. Make sure that you plant them in pairs so that you can maximize the effect. The best way to create a formal feeling is by planting in symmetrical patterns.

Maiden grass is one of the best ornamental grasses that you can plant in your garden. You can complement them with other plants to give your garden a beautiful look.

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14 Ways To Use Maiden Grass In Your Garden
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