Protecting Your Outdoor Landscaping From Severe Weather

Like millions of Americans who enjoy the outdoors, you have probably put a lot of time and work into the landscaping and gardens of your home. For this reason, you must take the proper measures to protect your yards and gardens when the weather turns bad.

Over the past decade, we have witnessed stronger and more severe weather events. If you live in an area that is at risk, it's vital to take action and prepare to protect your home and family from harm. You may not face hurricane-strength winds, but you might have hail, frost or tornado winds to deal with.

For homeowners that carry home insurance like Allstate Insurance, they can feel safe that even damage to their property and landscaping might be covered under their policy. Even with the best kind of insurance protection, there are still some proactive measures that you should take to protect your landscaping and gardens when the storm front starts to move in.



Much of the damage that is done to trees and bushes during a storm can be avoided by regular trimming. Keeping your garden neatly clipped and groomed can eliminate a lot of breakages that occur during a storm from overly long limbs.


For taller, more delicate plants, it’s a good idea to put in stakes and rope to keep them from buckling. Strong winds can easily bend or break delicate stalks that will wind up killing your plants. Tomato cages can be used as a quick alternative if you aren’t sure what kind of stakes will be strong enough to use. Tether your stakes to the ground to give them extra security.


For smaller plants or seedlings that grow closer to the ground, you can cover them with a household bucket. This gives them some protection from hail. Weigh your bucket down with a few rocks or a brick on top to make sure that it doesn’t get blown away during a storm.

Tie Downs

Tie-downs are great for your plants but can also be used to secure your outdoor decor items. If you have a pergola, gazebo or awning, you will need to tie it down to avoid damage due to high winds.

Even moderate winds have enough power to pick up an outdoor umbrella or unsecured gazebo and send it sailing across your lawn. If you are anticipating severe weather, it's better to remove all canopies and umbrellas and store them inside.


Frost can take many garden owners by surprise. In the spring and fall when the daytime temperatures are warm, it's hard to imagine that your plants might end up covered in frost overnight. Be vigilant on the weather forecast.

Use medium to heavy burlap to wrap your delicate plants and bushes to protect them from the frost that is capable of killing them. Burlap is also excellent protection from high winds.

Thoughtful Design

You can’t always be ready for every weather event, but if you live in an area where stormy weather is common, you have to be more thoughtful about how you design your landscaping.

Trees and plants that are more hearty and flexible are excellent choices for areas that face strong seasonal winds. Keeping your gardens and decor low profile and simple is another way to be proactive in planning your outdoor space.

Another pro-active measure that will offer you great benefits is hiring a professional landscape contractor. One may wonder. Why get a contractor while they can do all the work themselves? More is inside than it meets the eye. It's a convenient time to increase your property value despite the severe weather condition. That's not all. Below are some remarkable benefits of hiring a professional landscape contractor.

Beautify your home

A massive storm can cause a great deal of damage to your landscape. However, with just a call away, you can get a landscape contractor who will make it appear better in no time. Get a luxurious landscape design that you will be proud of each time you step out of the house. 

 Did you know that planting trees can minimize unwanted noise from cars, neighbors by almost 50 %? Trees enable you to have pleasant sounds such as the chirping of the birds or leaves rustling in the wind.

Make your home energy efficient

Beautiful trees aren't just for hiding traffic noise. They are quite beneficial in minimizing the need for air conditioning. An excellent landscape design that features shade trees can reduce the need for AC by almost 50 %.

Plants, in general, tend to lower the heating as well as cooling. You must contact a professional landscaper who knows how to position them as they grow correctly.


Landscaping isn't just about planting trees, shrubs, and some mulch. You need to add an aesthetic value to your home. That's where hardscaping comes in play.

A professional landscaper will ensure there's an added piece of concrete patio, an outdoor walkway, and so much more.

 You can benefit from hardscape lighting, which is quite beneficial in providing safety with a little extra dramatic touch.

It’s the best thing to happen to your yard

If you adore your landscape, you will do anything to see it flourish and looking top-notch despite the severe weather.

 Contracting a landscaper will enable you to get the best fertilizer as well as lawn treatment. They will allow you to know what's needed to have the best landscape all year round.

Assist you to entice new buyers

Are you planning on selling your home at a higher value? You need to be aware of the secrets that can attract more buyers to pay more. One of them is spending a little extra on adding value through landscaping.

Let not the severe weather or storm make you sell a home at a throw-away price. Hiring a professional landscaper will enable you to know which landscape is trending in the real estate market. They will advise accordingly and even try to implement it. Despite the terrible weather, you can have your view looking heavenly, thus attracting new buyers.


The damage that can be caused to your landscaping during severe weather can be devastating. To avoid the loss of your precious plants, vegetables, and trees, it's best to take a proactive approach and think about protection before the storm is upon you.

Protecting Your Outdoor Landscaping From Severe Weather
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