The Best Year-Round Gardening Schedule to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

There are plenty of reasons to care about your lawn. Your lawn is your very own outdoor space, something which is treasured by homeowners now more than ever before. It is the source of neighborhood envy and the sign of a well-kept home. A good lawn is also closely tied to the curb appeal and value of your home, which is why keeping it in good shape is absolutely essential.

However, good lawn care is often easier said than done. Keeping a fresh lawn is a year-round job that requires a year-round gardening schedule to get right. With that in mind, we thought we'd provide the essential gardening schedule that you need to follow to keep your lawn looking fresh and beautiful every day of the year.


The Best Year-Round Gardening Schedule to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful


When it comes to lawn maintenance, spring is arguably the most important time of the year. This is when it is time to "wake up" your lawn after a long winter and prep it for the hot summer months ahead. First, you will need to test the pH of your soil to ensure that it hasn't taken on too much damage over the winter.

Knowing the pH of your lawn will also ensure that you pick ​the right fertilizers Once you have checked the pH with a home soil testing kit, you can move onto the most important part: fertilizing your lawn. You can read more here on exactly when you should add fertilizer and how much you should use, as well as determining the right kind of fertilizer for your lawn.



Summer is when your lawn will truly spring to life, which is when you will need to be extra cautious and follow the right steps to a great garden. Regular mowing during the summer months is essential for a healthy garden. The grass will grow fast and will attract pests and insects if left unattended.

This is why you should aim to mow the lawn once a week during the summer season. This is also the time where you should be watering your lawn on a regular basis to prevent it from drying out. In addition, make sure to take the time to do some thorough mulching, which is when you use organic mulches such as lawn clippings to help your lawn retain moisture during the dry months.



Early fall is the best time to replant new grass or sod to see your lawn through the winter. It is also the time to add fertilizer to toughen up your lawn for the chilly months ahead.

Make sure to aerate your lawn in the latter part of fall, as this will keep it oxygenated when the snow begins to fall. Finally, make sure to stay on top of your lawn cleanup and rake your leaves as often as possible.



Unsurprisingly, the winter months do not require much in the way of lawn maintenance, but that does not mean you should just sit back and wait for spring. You should continue to keep your lawn clean and clear during winter, picking up any branches or debris that may gather.

It is essential that you reduce foot traffic on your lawn to the bare minimum during winter, as any damage caused by footfall during the winter could end up being permanent.


More Gardening Schedule Hacks at Your Fingertips

If you want more gardening schedule tips and hacks to keep your lawn looking beautiful and fresh and year-round, we have got you covered. For the latest expert gardening tips, make sure to keep yourself in the know by following our expert Gardening Blog today.

The Best Year-Round Gardening Schedule to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful
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