Which Are The Most Beautiful Flowers?

In this world still people like the flowers. In some countries like Japan, China and other Asian countries are still using the flowers in their festivals. In the wedding ceremonies like in UK, USA, Canada and etc the flowers worldwide like roses, cherry blossom and orchids are using for the decorations. In this article we will show you the most beautiful flowers in the world.


Cherry Blossom

This beautiful does not require any explanation, it is considered as one of the beautiful flower in the world. Mostly people like the cherry blossom because it is the sign of the spring season. It has the pink and white contrast, it is open at the end of march month or in the start of the April. This flower stay open for the 14 days. 

The Cherry blossom flowers are mostly used in the Japanese culture. They use it on the arrival of the new year. The Japanese new starts from the end of the March or beginning or April.

cherry blossom

Bird of Paradise

We understand you will confuse by reading the name is this the name of flower or a animal. Actually this is the flower name which seems like a bird. The bird of paradise are found in the south Africa. It is pretty flower and in flight it is exactly like a bird that’s why its name is this. 

This flower also known as the crave flower. This symbolize the paradise itself. The bird or paradise become mature in the September. When it bloom it has the three upright orange color sepals and three horizontal blue inner sepals.

Bird Of Paradise


Dhalia has always been special among those who love flowers. This is due to its very large variety in size and color. There are 42 several species and types of Delhia in the world. This beautiful flower comes in both small and large sizes, with a drop of 2 inches to 20 inches. The Dhalia is also different in color, can be found in any color other than blue.


Water Lilies

Perhaps the queen of all the water flowers in the world. Surprisingly, there are 70 different types of water lily in the world. They just emerge in the environment of the water like a pond. Besides attracting beauty, water lily also helps protect our ecosystem by balancing the water temperature and providing the best habitat for fish.

Beautiful flowers bloom from spring to autumn. Like leaves, flowers also emerge from the water level. Every flower opens in the morning and closes in the evening. Water alleys come in different colors, including pink, white, orange, purple, yellow and blue.

Water Lilies


Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, it is the symbol of the love. People also use it for sending the sympathies. You can also send your sympathies with a beautiful bouquet or wreath of roses. Beauty is the most important factor that makes roses so popular among those who love flowers and flowers. There are 100 s of roses in the world. In fact, every kind of rose has its own beauty. Naturally grown roses have only five wings and five apple. The only exception is Rosa Syria - there are only 4 fans in this type of rose.



The Orchid flower has the 25000 plus species in the world. The orchidsis one of the largest family of flowering plants in the world. You can see this beautiful plant everywhere near the earth. But what makes the arcades very special is that each arcade species is unique. There are both large and small arcades, short living and long-life arcades.

Apart from these facts, the most prominent features of the arcade are their unique law and dynamic colors. Some species of arcades look like other animals or plants.



To be a great flower lover, you must have the knowledge of KeukenHof flower garden. This large garden in the Netherlands is spread over 32 hectares of vast land. Every spring, the garden displays millions of tools in the open. Imagine that you are standing in the middle of this vast field of tools. You will definitely feel like heaven.

Because the tulip is such a beautiful flower that immediately gets your attention. More than 3000 several types of verities from 150 different species in the world. This diversity makes itself one of the cultivated and most popular and well known flowers in the world.



Lotus is one of the beautiful water flowers found in the Italian, dirty water. They cannot live in cold climates. Lotus needs full sunshine for healthy growth. This light sensitive flower opens in the morning and closes at night. The flowers of the prominent flower are found mainly in pink and white.

Each panel has a large, multi-layers wing with a central head. Both flowers and addresses swim above the water level. Lotus can grow up to 20 cm in Qatar. Their perfectly rounded addresses also grow to 60 cm. Apart from beauty, Kamal is also known for its pleasant aroma.


Bleeding Heart

This beautiful, spring-blooded, heart-flowering, cool climate grows well. As soon as it opens, 20 heart-shaped flowers open on each arcing stem. Blood-flowing hearts can be found in pink, red, yellow and white.

But the small white-pointed pink outer wings look more attractive. When a small drop of water appears on the flower's snout (in a climate full of salt), these flowers really look like blood hearts, as their name suggests.

bleeding heart


Gaazania grows perfectly in places where they get full sunlight. In the middle of summer, flowers begin to bloom completely and continue in the early autumn. The Gazania are open in orange, yellow, red, pink and white.

As mentioned earlier, Gazania is a sun-loving flower. So, its flowers come close in the evening and do not open in the days when the temperature is very low. It is also known as the treasure flower. It is mostly found in the south Africa and well known for its beauty.

Which Are The Most Beautiful Flowers?
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