TOP 8 Admirable Flowers for a Cutting Garden

Fresh-cut bouquets are a sight to behold. But having professional floral arrangements delivered might not be something you can afford regularly. Fortunately, there is no shortage of fast-growing flowers that will adorn both your garden-bed as natural blossoms and your table – as hand-crafted bouquets. Here they are – delightful garden flowers that will effortlessly bring grace into your home as well. Even when cut, these backyard stars keep on giving!


The beauty of cosmos flowers is undeniable. They are popular staples in home gardens thanks to their modest allure and minimal maintenance requirements. You will put small efforts to take care of cosmos flowers. But the reward to enjoy will be high. Cosmos come in a bevy of fabulous varieties; they can be tall or short, vivid or pale-colored, with simple heads or with whimsical petals.

These cuties are eager to embellish your garden for a long season, and if you decide to cut them for a bouquet, these blooms will surely enhance the aesthetics of your interior. Cosmos are truly cut-and-come-back-again: the more you harvest them, the more they want to bloom. All are pretty, cosmos are a little on the wild side to bring a fancy touch to your garden or hand-arranged bouquet.



With its bright green foliage, robust stems, and large blooms up to 3 inches, calendula is a show-stopper in a home garden. These cheery blooms are available in a variety of sunny hues, from light yellow to vibrant orange. Some species might be accentuated with a dark contrasting center while others have centers to match the overall coloration of petals. Calendula flowers will happily thrive from spring to late autumn and tolerate crispy temperatures pretty well.

These cheerful babies are considered herbaceous plants, and their petals are often used for culinary and medical purposes. An easy-to-grow annual, calendula is brilliant as cut flowers to beautify any room of your home. You can plant its seeds directly in the garden soil according to the instruction on their package and experience no headache with maintenance and care afterward.

Tithonia Rotundifolia

Alternatively known as the Red Sunflower or Mexican sunflower, Tithonia is a fast-growing bushy annual that makes a terrific garden ornamental and not less terrific cut flowers. This garden starlet can reach the height of up to 6 feet, while being accentuated with bright, red-orange heads. The Red Sunflower features deep green, sturdy foliage with numerous stems per plant.

Blooms are produced from mid-summer until first frosts and will effortlessly attract bees and butterflies with their eye-catching color and delicious nectar. Titonia grows best in full sun on poor to medium well-drained soil. Avoid planting it in rich soil or giving the plant too strong fertilizers, otherwise, you will end up with excess foliage and scarce flowers. Give Tithonia some room; a single plant can grow into a bulky cluster up to 4 feet wide.


Gracefulness and elegance are good synonyms for Lisianthus flowers. Being a fabulous alternative to classic roses, Lisianthus arrangements and bouquets are desirable picks for global flower delivery as these stunners never fail to steal WOW from the lips of a recipient. So lovely they are! Also known as Eustoma, Lisianthus are native in warm regions of North and Sough Americas. These darlings are available in a huge variety of colors, including white, purple, pink with all imaginable shades in between. If you prune them to a node when cutting blooms, you will get almost continuous flowering if Lisianthus is in the right place.

The flowers will go into blooming again several weeks after the cut, provided they are watered and fed properly. They make jaw-dropping fresh bouquets. If you decide to grow Lisianthus in your cutting garden, plant it in full sun in alkaline soil (clay, not sandy soil). Consider buying the potted plant and sticking it in the ground because growing from seed can be a bit difficult for a beginner gardener.


Another luxurious plant to yield both gardens and vases with fascinating blooms, delphinium flowers can be dwarf and tall, producing long elegant stems that are generously stuffed with flowerets. These towering columns can add a good dose of drama to any environment, be it internal or external. Emerging in the gorgeous shades of blue, pink, and white, Delphinium got its name for its resemblance with the playful saltwater swimmer.

Blooming throughout the spring and early summer months, the plant produces tall spikes of vividly colored flower clusters that are very hard not to fall in love with. Perennials by nature, hybrid species of Delphinium have been turned into annuals to let your cottage garden look charming year after year. Most delphinium species can grow up to 6 feet tall, but some hybrids get much higher. In garden landscapes, delphiniums can add visual interest in height, shape, and color. If you have lots of short-growing plantings in your backyard, consider adding delphiniums to bring in vertical variety.


Zinnias are among the most spectacular garden show-offs with their wide selection of colors and minimal care demands. The reason why all gardeners love zinnias is obvious: there is no other flower that can give so much beauty for a small effort commitment. These lookers will give virtually any color, but blue, and will bloom all season long, until frost strikes.

Another allure of zinnias is that they are genuine “cut-and-grow-again” flowers. It means, when you cut the plant “hard,” it will not die, but respond by delivering even longer, stronger stems with cute heads all season long. Zinnias love warmth and bloom constantly during the hottest season, and their love of warmth extends to their vase-life after harvesting. Store fresh-cut flowers in a dark area out of direct sunbeams, and the bouquet will gladden your eye for up to 15 days.


Gently called mums, Chrysanthemums run the gamut of shapes, colors, and petal formations, enabling you to give your garden truly a unique and unrepeatable look. Their bloom season ranges from midsummer to late autumn and even early winter, depending upon your zone. These backyard stars willingly produce prodigious blossoms.

If you are diligent with feeding and watering, this plant will spoil you with its blooms. The practice named deadheading (when you remove spent or excessive flowers from the main stem) will encourage the plant for a new blooming session, while you will admire a stunning fresh bouquet in your vase.


Who can resist the glamorous beauty of peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa)? These precious things give a solid dose of sophistication to both a garden bed and a flower arrangement. These classy perennials come into bloom during the warm days of late spring and keep this way throughout the first summer months. The bushy plants with impressive flowers will typically grow up to 4 feet tall.

The exceeding loveliness of peonies makes them a favorite flower for Instagram photos, while in gardens, these bushy plants look utterly stylish. Peonies boast large, lush, fragrant flowers in vibrant colors, including white, pink, pink, red, coral, purple, and mahogany. Their petals can reach the size of a dinner plate – they are true champions among ornamentals!

TOP 8 Admirable Flowers for a Cutting Garden
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