What Should We Do To Keep Small Yard Green And Healthy?

A green and healthy lawn brings much life to your garden. People feel safer and much comfortable on it. You are able to relax on it and kids are also able to play on it safely. But ensuring that you achieve this comes with some challenges.


Which are the tips for keeping your small yard in perfect condition?

It is first very important to choose the grass which will be the best for your yard. There are several different kinds of grass and each kind grows in different conditions. Some will need more sunshine while others will need cooler temperatures to grow. Making a good choice on the kind of sod that you want will be your first step for your successful lawn.


Testing your soil using a soil test kit is another thing that you must consider. This will really help you in knowing the deficiencies which may hinder you from having a green and healthy lawn. In case there are some missing essential nutrients in your soil, there are several products that you may add to help in boosting your soil. There are also some environmental friendly ways of keeping your grass healthy such as mulching in case you don’t like to use chemicals.

Overwatering your lawn is one of the mistakes that you should never make if you need a green healthy lawn. Watering your lawn thoroughly is key but overwatering may ruin everything. If you just started your lawn from the seed, you have to always water it because the seeds will need enough time for germination and sprouting. But be cautious not to overwater if you are starting from the sod. Most home owners also water their lawns lightly on every day basis.

This will make your lawn to be more exposed to the heat as well as drought since the roots are attached closely to the soil. Ensure that you water your lawn deeply but for few times per week to encourage deep growth of roots. Also try watering your lawn early in the morning and do not water at night to prevent prolonged moisture that can in turn cause diseases.


Aerating your lawn once in a while is also a good method of ensuring a good and healthy lawn. Aeration is a process where you make small holes on your lawn’s surface. This may be done by using the aeration rake. This process ensures adequate access of water, air and nutrients by the roots as well as creating a good drainage that will reduce runoff.

Additionally, get in touch with professionals like Lawnstreet where you can learn everything about lawn care and how to manage a garden.

What are the tips for proper mowing of your grass?

When buying your mower, it is good to make a choice of the mower that will serve you best. The best lawn mowers for small yards are the reel lawnmowers. They are less noisy when compared to gas mowers and very simple to use.

You should always keep your mower in a good condition. When your mower is new, make sure to sharpen it before starting to use it. Check out for the obstructions in the blades of the mower every time before you start mowing. Also oil the mower’s moving parts when they start feeling tight. With time, the blades will start being blunt and will also need sharpening to prevent your lawn from looking ragged after mowing.

It is always good to correctly set the wheel height of your mower before starting to mow your lawn. The cutting height is always adjusted by lowering or raising the wheels of the mower. When you check on your lawn’s side, you will see the switches that you use for adjusting the wheel height.


You should make sure to clear your yard before you start mowing. Clear any objects and check on any obstacles for safety purposes. Pick up any dog bones, loose stones, branches, small toys, or any other objects using a rake. If you don’t do this, you can cause injuries or damages as the mower may propel any object that is on the ground out of its chute at very high speeds.

To ensure the best and healthy lawn, you should mow very early in the morning and much often. Always check the grass height.

You should also use the correct pattern of mowing. Proper mowing is the one which involves back and forth patterns. Go at a speed that is not too fast or too slow and take the mowing as if you are doing a workout. When mowing around a tree or a flower bed, go around it for two laps, the first being in one direction and then the next. Mowing in the half-lap passes will help you in having the best results. You can see this to be much work but it will take you less energy and time as the lawn-mowing process will be smoother. You should ensure to change your lawn moving pattern on every session to avoid small ruts being formed in the lawn by the mower’s wheels.

What are the benefits of mowing your grass?

Mowing your lawn is really important in ensuring proper care of your yard. It also has a lot of benefits to our environment as well as to our health. A lawn that is cut properly can be so pleasant to our eyes. Regular mowing of our lawn ensures that the grass stays neat, short and even. You feel very happy when you see your lawn is well manicured and has an orderly appearance. A lot of people consider proper care of their yards to be a matter of pride. Seeing their grass properly mowed in their home brings a lot of satisfaction to them.

Proper mowing of grass helps us in living healthy lives and also in elimination of some pests from our homes. It also really helps us in clearing the debris from our compounds and ensuring that there is nothing that accumulates on our grass.

The fallen grass shoots really facilitate in fertilization of our lawn. Some of the debris and the grass that is cut during mowing is returned to the earth and even used by the grass as nutrients. In the process, mowing ensures that our environment is very fresh and green as well.

What Should We Do To Keep Small Yard Green And Healthy?
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