What to Look for In Reviews of Sprinkler Companies

When purchasing a new product online or looking for a company to provide a service, who would you trust to give you the full truth regarding their business services: the owner of the company, or a customer? Typically, you would choose the customer who has had personal experience with the business or product.

The absolute best way to get an honest opinion of a sprinkler company is to look at reviews, and there are plenty of websites available to do so. Although there are many different options and places that are available for customers to consult reviews, it can be difficult to know what to look for within them.


Average star rating

When looking at different reviews for sprinkler companies, you might see a few different options all within very close star ratings of one another.

For example, Company one may hold a 4.85-star rating, while Company two has 4.7 stars, and Company three, 5.0 stars. The main thing you need to look for is how many ratings these companies have.

If Company three only has one, five-star rating, but Company two has 85 ratings with an average of 4.7 stars, then you need to wonder why Company three only has one rating. When a company only has one review, this can reflect positively on them if that review is good. It can also do the opposite if they suddenly receive one bad rating.


Number of reviews

Similar to what was discussed before, if a company has three or fewer reviews, then you might want to avoid them. They could be a great company, but unfortunately, you have no proof that they are actually out practicing business. The number of reviews a business has is important and proves they provide business regularly, and also offer services that garner people to review them.


If you see that a business often receives reviews, then you can be sure that they are actively in business and providing services. If you are looking at reviews and see that there has not been a review for five months, this might be an indication that fewer customers are looking to employ their services due to poor quality. It could also mean that this company is no longer in business.


There is another case regarding the age and frequency of reviews. This is in the case of a small number of reviews monthly, but steadily over a long period of time. An example could be one or two new reviews each month, but steadily over three years. This indicates the company has done good work consistently over a long period of time.

Average rating across multiple sites

There are many different review sites available for customers to look at, and although a company’s rating might be good on one side, it might be terrible on another. This is why it is important to take into account multiple sites rather than just one.

Read both positive and negative reviews

It can be tempting to read a few positive reviews and decide to pursue the services of a sprinkler company, but this is not a good plan. Look for negative reviews and read them. This is important because you need to understand why these customers felt the need to write a poor review.

 On the opposite end, if you see many negative reviews for reasons that simply do not make much sense, you might consider asking the company regarding those customer’s experiences.

Responses to negative reviews

Negative reviews happen; it is a fact of life. Every sprinkler company cannot do a perfect job every time. Despite this, one great way to understand how a company will respond to issues in business is in their response to negative reviews.

If a business responds gracefully and with understanding, then it will show you that it might be a simple mistake. One definite sign you would not want to use the services of a business is if they respond to negative reviews comparatively or with anger.

If you happen to notice many reviews and the business does not respond to any of the negative reviews but responds only to positive reviews, this is a red flag. At this point, you should most likely avoid using their services.


Many companies will pay third-parties to leave reviews on their site or ask customers to leave a five-star review for a discount. This is unethical, but it does happen.

One way to decipher if reviews are true is the attitude behind them. For example, a five-star review should generally also come along with a great comment. This will show that the customer is genuine, and did not simply post because they were asked to or offered a discount.

You should also examine this in the case of negative reviews as well. One-star reviews can often be out of anger or dramatic behavior. 

For example, if you see a one-star review accompanied by, “This company was very rude. He performed the task wrong, and I deserve a refund.” You definitely will want to avoid this company. If you see a one-star review with the customer stating “hated it,” or simply no comment at all, you might not want to take it as seriously.

Read more than one

Not only should you read more than one review, but you might want to read seven! This is because found in one study, on average, buyers read seven reviews before deciding to trust a business. This will allow you to get more than one perspective.

Take your time

Hiring a sprinkler company should take you a bit of time. You will want to read through all the customer reviews, and truly find the best option for your needs. Whether you are looking through social media, online review sites, or even testimonials on a company’s webpage, try to decipher and truly look into each review. If you are in the Denver area, consider Colorado Sprinkler Service, a Denver Sprinkler company.

What to Look for In Reviews of Sprinkler Companies
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