How To Get Rid Of Birds In 9 Easy Steps

Birds are beautiful, but they can cause havoc in your garden. All of your hard work is taken by pesky birds instead of gracing your kitchen table. Some birds won't damage all of your hard work, but some, like Crows, are happy to eat the beans and tomatoes. Learning how to get rid of birds is easier than you might imagine.


There are a lot of birds you may want to keep around. Hummingbirds and finches are beautiful to watch. In spring and summer evenings, children and adults can spend time watching birds feed and fly. However, sparrows, blackbirds, crows, and pigeons are sure to find your delicious garden. There are many methods to try when you want to discover how to get rid of birds. You may want to try one or a variety of these steps.

Things You Will Need

  • Shiny Balloons
  • Tube Shaped Feeders
  • Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
  • Noisemakers
  • Electronic Sound Machine
  • Shiny Ribbon or Aluminum Pans
  • Netting
  • Poles or Stakes
  • Perch blockers
  • CDs
  • Scarecrow

9 Ways to Get Rid of Birds

1. Remove all Feeders and Water Sources

If you don’t want birds in your garden, you cannot have bird feeders or water baths anywhere in your yard. They are lovely to watch, but you cannot control them. If they think your front yard is a beautiful location to spend time, they will eventually find the blossoming garden in the backyard. Most birds will leave the area if you remove their food and water source.

2. Keep Only Tube Shaped Feeders

Most songbirds won’t be your problem. If you love to bird watch and cannot stand the idea of removing all of the birds, you should switch to tube-shaped feeders. They have no perches. Avoid using seed mixes because you will attract house sparrows and crows. Black oil sunflower seeds are the best choice, and always clean the area under the feeder daily to avoid scavengers.

3. Hang Some Balloons

One method for getting rid of birds is hanging balloons around your garden. Mylar balloons that are shiny work great, but you can also use ones with faces on them. Make sure you secure them tightly to a post in your garden. You can even add some extra shiny ribbon. For the best effect, move the balloons every few days because they will get used to the placement.



4. Use Netting

If you don’t want to mess around and just want a surefire way to keep out birds, netting deters all birds. You will need to construct a framework around your plants. Some gardeners use high stakes, posts, bamboo poles or even thin PVC pipes. Then, you hang the netting over the frame and secure with ties.

5. Add Visual Repellents

Birds have a few predators that deter them from entering a space. You can purchase cheap, plastic predators to place around your yard and garden. It is wise to change up your placement frequently. Birds are smart and realize they aren’t real. Instead, commit to changing them out often. Here are some options.

  • Swans
  • Coyotes
  • Snakes
  • Plastic owls


6. Purchase An Electronic, Sound Device

There are machines that you can buy that will play the distress calls of different birds. In nature, birds warn each other of danger, causing other ones to leave the area. However, birds understand the difference between a real and a fake call. Certain sound companies aren’t as trusted, so do your research before you make a purchase.

One of the best times to use the noise makers is at night, right before they are settling down to roost or in their nests. You could also send your children outside with pots and pans to terrorize the birds and the neighbors, although that might not be a popular choice. Bells are another alternative. Your purpose is to make the birds want to find a quieter area to rest.

7. Go For The Shine

Shiny objects deter a lot of birds. We mentioned balloons above, but there are some other options. You can hang random strips of aluminum foil throughout your garden. Staple them to posts and stakes. Another method is to hang aluminum, disposable pans from posts. Make sure to give them some room to swing. In the wind, they will bang and clank against the posts. When the sun is shining, they will flash and scare off birds. You could also hang CDs throughout your garden.

8. Perch Blockers

Are birds perching throughout your garden? You can purchase spiked strips that will deter birds from perching or roosting. Some homeowners place them along their rooftops or patio covers. They are blunted at the tips so that they won’t harm the bird. However, they are unable to perch. All you need is screws or glue to install the strips.

9. Scarecrow

Everyone knows about scarecrows. They are meant for more than just an excellent autumn decoration. Birds are naturally skittish, and they don’t enjoy humans. Most people don’t want to stand all day in their garden, which is how the idea of a scarecrow was developed. You can purchase them pre-made at most home improvement or craft stores. If you are crafty, you can make your own as well.



Putting It All Together

Birds are useful. They eat insects and mosquitos. They are lovely to watch and provide nature with a beautiful melody. There are many diligent bird watchers. However, gardeners don’t always enjoy their company in the garden.

It is important for gardeners to learn how to get rid of birds. Otherwise, they can destroy crops. An entire summer’s worth of work can be eaten in a few days if a flock of bird discovers your treasure of produce. If you love birds, you could plant a few sacrifice bushes or crops across your yard, away from your main garden.

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No matter the method you pick, it is important to remember that birds are smart. You need to change up the approach or items used frequently. They will eventually get used to them and go back to eating your fruits and vegetables.

How To Get Rid Of Birds In 9 Easy Steps
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