5 Choices For The Best Leaf Vacuum – Check Here Before Buying!

Have you ever considered a leaf (or yard) vacuum? There are some great models available on the market. Homeowners have to think about their lawn maintenance, which involves the removal of leaves during autumn. Leaf blowers are useless for collecting, but they make it easier to rake the leaves into a pile. The best leaf vacuum cleans up all of the litter, keeping your lawn nice and tidy all of the time.


Reasons To Purchase A Leaf Vacuum

A leaf vacuum can also be called a yard vacuum or a leaf vacuum mulcher. It is a multi-purpose tool that gets rid of the leaves in your yard completely. It has a long, sucking hose with a nozzle that sucks up all of the leaves. It is a much more efficient option than a simple rake that takes a lot of manual work pick up everything. Here are additional reasons to consider buying one!


It reduces the amount of trash bags needed

As you pass over the leaves, they are sucked directly into the vacuum. Instead of scooping them up with a rake, the nozzle sucks them into the bag attached to the leaf vacuum. Some models are mulchers as well, which cut the leaves into small pieces, reducing the trash bags needed.


They perform their job correctly

While rakes definitely serve a purpose, they are inefficient when compared to a leaf vacuum. These suck up every single leaf, so long as you pass over it with a nozzle! Your lawn might be the only one in the neighborhood without a single leaf in sight!


Leaf vacuums are portable and lightweight

Yes, a rake is compact and lightweight as well, but it doesn’t perform nearly as well. If you have an ill parent or grandparent, you can take the leaf vacuum over to their house to maintain their yards as well. It is also a great tool for professional landscapers.


It reduces the time and effort needed

Let’s be honest; the best reason to purchase a leaf vacuum is – it reduces your work. If you don’t have a blower, you have to rake everything in a pile to scoop up. Even if you have a leaf blower, you still have to get all of the leaves in a pile and manually put them into the trash bag. A leaf vacuum sucks all of the leaves up. So, a simple walk around your property can result in a leaf-free zone!

Types Of Leaf Vacuums

Before you head to your local home improvement store, you have to understand the two basic types of leaf vacuums. Both require a motor to run, but one uses gasoline, and the other requires electricity. Some stores also sell battery-operated leaf vacuums as well, but we'll focus on the first two types, since they are the most common. There are pros and cons for both types. Let’s take a look!

1. Gas Leaf Vacuum

Gas vacuums are the obvious choice if you need a powerful tool. They can run for long periods of time and finish larger jobs easier. Using a gas vacuum, homeowners don’t have to worry about the annoying cord reducing the flexibility and area where they can work. You won’t have to worry about staying connected to an electric outlet as well.

Of course, there are some negatives as well! Many people are concerned about the pollution put out by the fumes. At times, gas leaf vacuums are smoky unless you take proper care of them. Just like other gas machinery, they are loud and heavier because of their engines. If you want a compact machine, this is probably not the best choice for you.

2. Electric Leaf Vacuum

Electric leaf vacuums are lighter than gas powered ones, making them easier to carry and operate. They require less maintenance and are much quieter. If you live in a tightly populated area, your neighbors will appreciate the less noise! Also, the electricity produces almost no pollution, so it is the environmental friendly choice. Also, if you are on a budget, electric leaf vacuums are significantly cheaper than gas vacuums.

Electric vacuums don’t have all positives. The biggest negative to consider is that you have a limited area to work, or you need to depend on extension cords. Electricity powers the vacuum, so you have to stay near the source of power. Also, these aren’t nearly as powerful as the gas models. Electric yard vacuums aren’t the best choice if you need a professional grade tool or have a huge job to perform.

3. Other Important Considerations

As you shop, you will notice a few other variables to these leaf vacuums. The first one is the term mulcher. Some don’t have this feature. However, it is handy! Inside of the vacuum, there are special blades designed to cut up the leaves into smaller pieces. It is a great feature to have if you want to create your own fertilizer or mulch for your garden from the leaves.

4. With Bags Or Without Bags

Most standard leaf vacuums come with a bag or a basket to collect all of the leaves. They are either carried on your shoulder, pushed or pulled along with a separate, wheeled container. Certain brands don't come with a bag and simply throw the leaves back on the ground. If you are mulching your garden, this is a fine choice.


Garden Leaf Vacuum Design

The design is pretty simple. The unit consists of a suction hose, a waste collection container/bag and a motor which can be petrol or electric. Leaf vacuums are a high-tech analog of a simple broom, thanks to a strong directional airflow they can clean plots, paths, lawns, and flowerbeds. Plus, they help pile up trash.

According to this website, this garden tool is no different from the same household appliance, which also sucks garbage into the bag. In certain cases, they are also equipped with cutting knives which finely chop the incoming trash, creating space savings in the bag. According to manufacturers, after this "shredding" the garden trash is reduced by 5-15 times.

5 Best Leaf Vacuum Reviews

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If you are looking for a versatile electric leaf vacuum, Black and Decker’s BV5600 is one of the top sellers. It is a 3-in-1 tool featuring a blower, vacuum, and mulcher. The blower has two speeds: a gentler one for flower beds and a powerful speed for thicker leaves.


  • The 12 amp electric motor features 250 MPH air speed, capable of clearing clogged leaves.
  • ​You can switch from vacuum to blower with no tools, only a simple switch.
  • ​When using the mulcher, you can cut up 16 bags of leaves down to one! That really decreases your trash!
  • ​Black and Decker is a well-known company, creating durable and high-quality products. You don’t have to worry about the vacuum breaking after years of use.


  • Leaves can easily get stuck in the suction tube when switching between blower and vacuum.
  • Even though 12 amps is perfect for a smaller yard, it won’t hold enough power to get a large job finished. You won’t want this vacuum for large jobs!

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Our next choice for the best leaf vacuum is by Toro. It is a powerful and versatile product that offers up to the 250-MPH air stream, capable of clearing clogged debris and leaves. Homeowners can switch from a blower to a strong vacuum with no tools.


  • This is a 3-in-1 machine. You get a blower, vacuum, and leaf shredder with a 12 amp motor.
  • ​To grind up all of the leaves and debris you uncover, Toro added a large, metal impeller. The design is an improvement to their former vacuum.
  • ​There is a quick-release latch that allows you to switch from one tool to another.
  • ​For convenience, Toro added a zipper at the bottom of the bag. It is durable and easy to use. Once the bag is full, just hold it over a trash bag and unzip.
  • At only 8.5 pounds, it is very lightweight, , so you can carry it around the yard with no issues.


  • The strap on the bag that connects to the shoulder strap isn't durable enough. The stitching can lead to the strap fraying after heavy usage.
  • If you try to pick up heavy debris like rocks and sticks, it will clog quickly.

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The Troy-Bilt TB2BV is a gas-powered leaf blower and vacuum with plenty of accessories. The engine allows homeowners to move leaves and debris with the variable mix of speeds and air volume. It has plenty of impressive features.


  • The TB2BV features a premium 27cc 2-cycle, the full-crank engine that has less vibration than your regular gas leaf vacuum.
  • It is a combination machine, featuring both a blower and a vacuum, so you only need one tool to complete both tasks.
  • It has a comfortable handle grip that minimizes the number of vibrations while working the machine.


  • The vacuum attachment is bulkier than other choices. If you have a small stature, you may find it harder to use than other options.
  • While it is a good choice for longer jobs, its strength will cause discomfort. You may find that you are sore after each use. A 2-cycle engine is harder to use than a 4-cycle.

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The WORX TRIVAC is a 3-in-1 compact blower, mulcher, and vacuum with six different speeds and an easy throttle control. You can adjust the machine’s airflow from 75 to 210 mph!


  • The ability to have six different speeds let you pick the right speed for the area you are working. You can choose a slower speed for areas such as flower beds. The highest speed, at 210 mph, is a hurricane-like blower, capable of moving a lot of leaves at one time.
  • When you want to convert to a different mode, you don’t need any kits or tools. It is a single lever that makes the conversion!
  • ​There is a 2-stage mulching system. The first stage shreds up larger debris, and the second has a metal impeller.


  • The housing around the impeller is made of plastic, and debris can easily get stuck inside, causing it to freeze up.
  • It has trouble picking up any wet leaves or dirt caked onto leaves. Everything needs to be dry in order to work it properly.

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Our last choice in search for the best leaf vacuum is by Husqvarna. They are a leading company in outdoor machinery and among the most trusted brands in the home improvement market. Their 125BV is perfect for homeowners and professional landscapers because of its unmatched strength.


  • Compared to other gas-powered brands, the 125BV is fuel-efficient and uses less gasoline than other options.
  • ​There is a cruise-control option so you can set the desired speed and work at it consistently without having to regulate.
  • Smart Start lets the machine start up quickly without much effort. Resistance from the cord is reduced by 40 percent!


  • You have to carry a screwdriver with you if you want to switch from vacuum to blower.
  • Despite being a gas powered leaf vacuum, it isn’t as powerful as you might hope. It is an excellent choice for home usage, but you might struggle if you want to use it for large, professional jobs.

The Winner

There are quite a few fantastic choices on the market. They all have positives and negatives, but there is a clear winner in this review – the Toro 51619. It is a strong, heavy-duty, 3-in-1 machine. It features multiple seeds and a quick-release latch so you can switch modes easily. Despite problems with the bag, the Toro's model is the best choice overall. You can finish large and small jobs in no time at all!

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